2021 Match Play Tournaments – Results

Congratulations to the champions!

Gross – Ryan Gutierrez

SR Gross – Mark Ohrenschall

Net – David Foreman

Two-Man Net – Levin Nelson & McGhee Webster


Non-Championship Gross Winners

Flight 1 – Tyler Hansen

Flight 2 – Jordan Bergeson

Flight 3 – Dave O'Brien


Participation was at an all-time high with 162 entries. That made this year's competition even more challenging.


Next year we plan to have two sets of Non-championship Gross tournaments since they don't take long.

Pods for the Net Championship are still a possiblity for next year, if the numbers work out.


Match Play Results Poster


Match Play Payouts Spreadsheet


The results are posted to Golf Genius and appear in the Weekend League under the Sept 30th Match Play Payouts. They are already included in the League Standings. It may be a couple of weeks before the payouts are credited to your pro shop accounts.


Weekend tournament registration, tee time selection, tee sheets, and results

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