2021 Seattle Cup – Jackson Park Wins

Aug 29 Update: By the narrowest of margins, the Jackson Park Men’s Golf Club won the 2021 Seattle Cup. This was the closest Seattle Cup in history, with all four clubs within two points.

Jackson Park 16, West Seattle 15.5, Interbay 14.5, and Jefferson Park 14.

Click on the link above to see the results and even the hole-by-hole scoring.

Player Records and Points Won

There were twelve points on the line for each club today. Jefferson won 8, but its four-point deficit starting the day was too much to overcome. Jackson won 6, West Seattle 5.5, and Interbay 4.5.

Jackson Park Wins Seattle Cup

Aug 28 Update: Jackson struggled today, winning just 1.5 points. There is a three-way tie at the top.

Results after the Aug 28 Chapman: Jackson Park 10, West Seattle 10, Interbay 10, Jefferson Park 6.

You are welcome and invited to come cheer on our team on the final day, August 29, at Jackson Park.

Aug 25 Update: 2021 Seattle Cup Tracker.xlsx – Chapman Tee Sheet & Sunday Singles 

Aug 22 Update: Jackson Park had a great day, winning 5.5 out of 6 possible points.

Results after the Aug 22 Fourball: Jackson Park 8.5, West Seattle 7, Interbay 5, Jefferson Park 3.5.

Aug 21 Update: Adam Slemp at Interbay set up the 2021 Seattle Cup on Golf Genius – Seattle Cup 2021

Results after the Aug 21 Scramble: West Seattle 4, Interbay 3, Jackson Park 3, and Jefferson Park 2.

The 2021 Seattle Cup is upon us. It will be played the last two weekends in August.

The Seattle Cup is a Ryder Cup style competition between the four Seattle Muni’s men’s clubs: Interbay, Jackson Park, Jefferson Park, and West Seattle.

The first three days have two-man team net matches, with six teams per club. The final day has individual net matches, with twelve players per club.

Co-captains for our team are James Bucher and Brock Bowen.


August 21 – Jefferson Park – Scramble

August 22 – West Seattle – Best Ball

August 28 – Interbay – Chapman

August 29 – Jackson Park – Individual

Attached are PDFs with the team roster, the Saturday tee sheet at Jefferson Park, and the Sunday tee sheet at West Seattle.

This post will be updated as information becomes available.

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2 thoughts on “2021 Seattle Cup – Jackson Park Wins”

  1. It is befitting that the number one club in the state should also be the Seattle Cup Champion. Congratulations. The trophy is back where it belongs.
    Dan Puetz Sr.

  2. Thanks Dan, it was a fun event to be part of! The cup looks good at the other club houses, but it looks the best @ Jackson Park!
    Jimmy Bucher

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