Tournament News and Statistics & Money Winnings through August 2021

Match Play News

Ryan Gutierrez is the Gross Club Champion, winning 1 UP over Russel Chiupka.

McGhee Webster and Levin Nelson are the Two-Man Champions, winning 5 & 3 over Tim Rowe and Dan Fabela.

Congratulations to the champions and to the finalists!

Once the Net and SR Gross championships are concluded, the match play winnings will be added to the money list.


The record setting continues for tournament participation and for payouts.

Here is the data for this year through August, with last year’s totals included for comparison.

Tournament Statistics Through August

There are twelve more tournaments this year: three on Saturdays, two on Thursdays, and seven on Tuesdays.

Saturday League and Match Play Money List

(Match Play winnings not yet added)

Tuesday League Money List

Thursday League Money List


The lead money winners on Tuesday (Roger Brown) and Thursday (Ken Smith) have people close behind them.

The Saturday leader (Reed Johnson) has a $100+ lead, which could increase once Match Play winnings are added.


The next Saturday tournament is the Sept 18 Fall Field Day celebrating #1 Sandbagger Dan Puetz Sr.

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