Tuesday and Thursday Tournament Season Recap

2018 was the Men’s Clubs first full-fledged Tuesday and Thursday tournament season. Tournament organizers (Kathy Wake, Lee Jones, John Clements, and Jeff Schoening) were not sure what sort of response we would get from the membership when we made and introduced a full May to October tournament schedule. The results were excellent.

There were nineteen Thursday evening nine-hole tournaments and nineteen Tuesday morning eighteen-hole tournaments, with two field days combined to create a Championship tournament. We averaged thirteen players per event for both Tuesdays and Thursdays. There were a variety of tournament formats, some individual and some team, and the players gave the schedule high marks.

Thursday’s lead money winner was Rick Nelson with $77. Tuesday’s was Doug Jones with $649. Click here => 2018 WEEKDAY MONEY LISTS 10 02 – Final Results for final money list results for both Tuesday and Thursday. Purse represents book money winnings held at Jackson Park Golf Course, and points are the cash paid out for honey pots. In the money list, purse is on the left with a dollar sign, points are on the right.

Thursday’s money list winnings were less than Tuesday’s because no prize fee was collected from the players on Thursday. Honey pots were the main competition, since there was on average $130 in honey pots and only $40 in the purse, which counted toward the money list winnings. The Men’s Club put in $3 per player for the purse.

Tuesday’s collected a $15.67 prize fee per player plus the Men’s Club chipped in $7 per player.

On Thursdays, there were forty-one different players and thirty-four of them won money.

On Tuesdays, there were forty different players, and thirty-six won money.

Thank you all who played in the tournaments and the Jackson Park staff who kept things running smoothly.

2018 Tournament Final Statistics              Tuesday               Thursday

Total Players                                                      262                         253
Unique Players Paid                                         169                         81
Pct. of Players Paid                                           64.50%                  32.02%
Player Entries Collected                                   $4,021.87              $0
Club Contribution                                             $1,820.13              $747
Club Percentage                                                31.16%                  100%
Total Purse                                                         $5,842                   $747

Total Points                                                      $2,448                   $2,365


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