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Local Rules

Jackson Park Men’s Golf Club (JPMGC) play is governed by USGA rules, modified by the local rules below. The USGA centrally administers and publishes the rules of golf, consistent with the spirit of the game. Following the rules is fundamental to fair competition.

The Tournament Chairman(men) and the Rules and Green Committee will act as rules officials during tournaments. See the USGA website, and/or mobile app for the official rules of golf.

Following is the complete list of JPMGC local rules, including all rules from the Jackson Park scorecard, plus others.

Power Lines

A ball striking a power line must be replayed. No penalty.[1] (A shot that strikes a power pole, guide wire or transformer counts and must be played as normal.)

[1] See Committee Procedures model local rule 8E-11.

Relief from cart path on #5 is to the right

To save time,[2] where the cart path is less than 2 feet from the fence, relief is on the right side of the cart path on hole #5. The ball must be playable to use this local rule. Otherwise, see rule 19 – Unplayable Ball.

[2] Otherwise, the rules require up to three drops to get the same relief.

Stroke and Distance alternative

To save time, when a player has not played a provisional ball and their ball is lost or out of bounds, instead of stroke and distance, the player may proceed as follows:

Two stroke penalty. Drop in the general area no closer to the hole - on or behind an arc between two reference points. The first reference point is two club lengths outside the estimated spot lost or out-of-bounds. The second reference point is two club lengths into the closest fairway point that is not closer to the hole.[3]

For example, if a tee shot went out of bounds, and the player did not play a provisional ball: the player could add two strokes and, referencing the spot where the ball went out of bounds, drop within two club lengths of the nearest fairway edge that is not closer to the hole and hit their 4th shot from there.

For more details, see Committee Procedures model local rule 8E-5. The USGA web site or mobile rules app has full text and diagrams. Also: Stroke and Distance: New Local Rule.

[3] About 50% of the time, this closest fairway point will be further from the hole than the estimated spot lost or out-of-bounds. In that case, the described arc is from the first reference point to a point equidistant from the hole on a line from the hole to the second reference point. In case this is confusing, please consult the model rule for full details.

Winter Rules

When in effect, a ball lying in the general area[4] may be marked, lifted, cleaned, and placed within one folded scorecard length (6”), no closer to the hole. This may be done once for each lie. (See Committee Procedures model local rule 8E-3 - Preferred Lies.)[5]

[4] The general area is the entire golf course, except: penalty areas and bunkers, and the teeing area and putting green of the current hole.

[5] This local rule was modified in April, 2023. Previously the JPMGC local rule followed the recommendation of WA Golf.

Pace of Play

There are penalties for slow play. See Pace of Play rules on this page.