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Match Play tournaments

Pay (i.e. sign up) by following the link at the top of each tournament’s page:

Championship Gross
Senior Championship Gross – players 55+
Non-championship Gross – spring
Non-championship Gross II – summer
Open Net
Legends Net – players 70+
Four-ball (“two-man”) Net

Select the Results menu on the tournament page to see standings and who you play next.

Schedule the match

Scheduling matches can be difficult, sometimes frustrating. Here are some suggestions, and our cancellation policy.

Best practice: As soon as your opponent is known, email or text your opponent a (hopefully long) list of dates and times when you can be available to play the match. Opponent: responding promptly, choose one of the offered date/times for the match, make a tee time, and send back a confirmation. If none of the offered date/times work, then respond with your own (hopefully long) list of times that will work. Etc.

You may play your matches as soon as you know who your opponent is. You do not need to wait for the calendared date for that round.

You may also play your matches at other courses, except finals matches must be played at Jackson Park Golf Course.

Matches may be played within a stroke play tournament. Gross and Net matches may be played during Tuesday, Friday, and Saturday tournaments, when the tournament format is conducive. If playing a match during a tournament, while putts may be conceded for the match, they still must be holed for the stroke play tournament.

Cancellations: Unless both agree to a different deadline, the deadline for canceling a match is 24 hours before the scheduled tee time. Email/text notice of cancellation before the deadline is sufficient. The opponent may choose to accept shorter notice. Otherwise, the late cancelling player forfeits.

Please be flexible and accommodating to contribute to everyone’s enjoyment of match play.

Tee times available

Saturday tee times between 9am and 10am are available for matches. Click Here to go to the portal. Click on “Open Tee Times Registration” to make your tee time selection. You can add your opponent, too. Tuesday at 5pm is the deadline each week.

After the match

Send the match result, and which match play tournament it was, to Tournament Director Jeff Schoening. For example: Jason Day defeated Justin Rose, 3 & 1 in Championship Gross.

Post your score as Competition (not Home or Away). And:

If you did not finish a hole, record your most likely score. This may differ from the actual score in the match when putts or holes are conceded. See these guidelines.

If the match finishes before the 18th hole and remaining holes were not played, use the hole-by-hole feature of the GHIN app or website to enter the holes actually played and leave the holes not played blank. GHIN will automatically compute the expected score differential for the unplayed holes. See WHS 2024: Treatment of Hole(s) Not Played. (This is a new procedure that began in 2024. The score will look a little odd in the scoring record, but the handicap differential will be correct.)

General Information

Brackets for each tournament are shown on their Results page.

The schedules of rounds and the rules are on each tournaments’ Home page.

Post your scores as Competition, not Home or Away.

Gross means no handicap strokes applied.

Net means the player with the lower playing handicap gives strokes to the player with the higher playing handicap. The difference in playing handicaps is the number of strokes given, applied on the lowest numbered handicap holes. For example, from the white tees, two players have playing handicaps of 20 and 12. The “12” gets no strokes and gives 8 strokes to the “20” on handicap holes one through eight. The handicap holes are listed on the Jackson Park scorecards.

Handicap Calculator

See this WA Golf video on how to use the Handicap Calculator in the GHIN app to calculate playing handicaps and strokes given for match play. Use a 90% allowance for Four-ball (“two-man”) Net and a 100% allowance for individual Net.