August 19 – Tuesday League News

The Fourth Annual Tuesday Championship was played on July 13 & 20. Twenty-one players participated. Congratulations to Gross Champion Jack Hartley (151) and Net Champions Doug Jones and Kurt Kiehn (144).

Tuesday tournament results


2020 – 18 players

Gross – Jay Clark (158)

Net – Dennis Mueller (140)


2019 – 13 players

Gross – Jay Clark (160)

Net – Walt Dickhoff, Dennis Mueller, Rick Nelson (134)


2018 – 13 players

Gross – Jeff Schoening (156)

Net – Reed Johnson (130)


Tuesday Leading Money Winners

Kurt Kiehn has already set a record for winnings in the Tuesday league at $723.33. With the longer season this year, more players could break the old record. There are already three players with over $600 in winnings: Roger Brown ($652), Mel Wattula ($612.16), and Doug Jones ($605.75). There are nine more tournaments on the schedule. Could someone reach $1,000?

Thirty players have won over $100 and another thirty have won some money. We are averaging over sixty percent of the field winning a payout each tournament.


Lead Money Winners

2020 Reed Johnson at $717

2019 Randy Olin at $522

2018 Doug Jones at $649

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