Net Match Play Championship

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The brackets are posted. Play may begin.


Please note, the brackets are not entirely accurate representations of this tournament, because the four-person pod competition isn’t represented. Also, the June 9 date and the June 23 dates can be ignored. The date that matters is July 7 for finishing matches within the pods.


There are seven qualifier matches that should be played by June 2, another date that matters:

M. Mardesich v. D. Jones               P. Wilson v. D. Miller

R. Nelson v. D. Mueller                 B. Polen v. Richard Johnson

M. Hoeft v. C. Clausen                   Reed Johnson v. B. Bowen

J. Bucher v. C. Rockey

Those who advance will play in the Net Championship four-person pods.


The seven who don’t advance may play in a Consolation Net tournament. There is no extra fee. The four from the Jones bracket play each other, and the three from the Hagen play each other. The winners of the brackets meet in the final.


Returning to the Net Championship, the first pod in the Jones bracket has M. Ohrenschall, either Mardesich or Jones, M. Beyer, and either Wilson or Miller. Ohrenschall could play Beyer now. Once the qualifier matches are played, they can play the other players in their pod. Each person in a pod plays the other three people in the pod.


The second pod has Persinger, Meader, Schoening, and Dodgion. All four players can begin their matches immediately. The same pattern holds for the remaining pods.


Jones, pod 3: B. Peterson, Nelson or Mueller, B Whiteside, R Macleod.


Jones, pod 4: J Whelan, D Kirkpatrick, T Jones, J Brandenberg


Hagen, pod 1: M Lewis, Polen or Johnson, G Sifferman, J Bresnahan


Hagen, pod 2: S Sullivan, Hoeft or Clausen, J Clark, D Foreman


Hagen, pod 3: B Asplund, Johnson or Bowen, W Dickhoff, R Warden


Hagen, pod 4: L Jones, Bucher or Rockey, J Dasher, D Nugent


Send me the results of all your matches.


Threeway ties in a pod may be decided by the margin of victory.




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