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Jackson Park Men’s Golf Club Members Excel at the Pacific Northwest Hickory Championship

Congratulations to Jimmy Bucher, Marshall Huston, and Eddie Johnson on their excellent play.

Click here for a full leader board after Day 2.
Photos from the tournament can be found on Northwest Hickory Players facebook page:

June 14, 2022
Martin Pool reports:

It rained all night. It rained all day. As yet another atmospheric river coursed over the Pacific Northwest in 2022, the Pacific Northwest Hickory Championship kicked off on June 5 at the historic Skagit Golf & Country Club (est. 1919) in Burlington, Wash.

Forty-one intrepid players teed off on Day 1 for the ninth rendition of this tournament. As puddles formed on the greens and fairways, and as rumblings were heard in the distance, it was touch and go whether the tournament could actually go on.

At the end of the day, 36 players completed a very rainy round, while five more preferred dry places after nine holes. In the Open Division, three-time (now four) champion Jeff Olsen held the lead with a score of 81, a fine round under very difficult conditions. In the Senior Division, a tight race formed with John Henry Williams at 80, Kit Ledbetter and Brian Pollack both with 81s.  In the Statesmen Division, Tom Tracy shot 86, and in the Women’s Division, Sue Tracy came in at even 100.

At the tournament dinner later in the evening, organizer Martin Pool toasted Jack Wilson for whom the Wilson Trophy is named.  In 2017 we received news of Jack’s passing as we concluded the first day’s play of this very tournament. Jack was a true gentleman and a lover of all things hickory.

Rain turned to sunshine on Day 2, and hickory players returned to a much different golf course. Puddles had disappeared and, except for the inexplicable few, scores plummeted. Day one leader Jeff Olsen did 10 shots better with a sterling round of 71. Kit Ledbetter improved by five to shoot 76 in the Senior Division. Tom Tracy was four better than his Day 1, posting an 82 in the Statesmen Division and Sue Tracy was 10 better with a 90 in the Women’s Division.

Final results below:

Gross Division

Open Champion:               Jeff Olsen 81-71 = 152
Open Runner-Up:             Steve Henneuse  88-78 = 166
Senior Champion:            Kit Ledbetter   81-76 = 157
Senior Runner-Up:           John Henry Williams 80-82 = 162
Statesmen Champion:    Tom Tracy   86-82 = 168
Statesmen Runner-Up:  Kyle Marvin   88-83 = 171
Women Champion:         Sue Tracy   100-90 = 190
Women Runner-Up:       Paula Anderson   112-109 = 221

Net Division
Open Net Champion:               Jimmy Bucher  78-68 = 146
Open Net Runner-Up:             Marshall Huston  80-70 = 150
Senior Net Champion:            Eddie Johnson   70-74 = 144
Senior Net Runner-Up:           John Quickstad  77-70 = 147
Statesmen Net Champion:    Rick Lehman   77-77 = 154
Statesmen Net Runner-Up:  Garylee Johnson   80-76 = 156
Women Net Champion:         Jennifer May-Baker   75-86 = 161
Women Net Runner-Up:       Roberta Robbins   90-79 = 169


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