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July 16 Survey Results from Matthew Stutzenberger

July 20, 2022

July 16 Survey Results

We appreciate everyone who made it out for the Jackson Park Men’s Golf Club Summer Field Day Tournament. The scoring conditions were better, although the greens got fast and the scores were probably higher than some were predicting. JPMGC-SummerFieldDay-Metrics-7-16-22 Here is the rundown of the data insights again.

Hole #2: Missing it short is fine, just don’t short side yourself if you miss left or right.

Hole #5: Keep it right on the tee shot, even from the rough you probably score just as well from the fairway.

Hole #8: Hitting into the trees on the right will cost you 1.4 strokes. Tee it on the right side and aim left if you tend to slice.

Hole #11: If you have to miss it, miss it short

Hole #12: Hit the fairway or miss it left on the tee shot. If you lose it right or left, strongly consider using the tournament drop rule in the fairway, especially if you lose it right.

Hole #18: Hit the biggest stick that keeps you in play, even if it is in the rough. Those that hit the green in regulation only do ½ strokes better than those who don’t.

We will do one more survey this year before compiling an entire course tournament guide that people can use to shoot some better scores.

Congratulations to Michael Bade on winning Titleist Prov1X golf balls. Michael, you can pick them up on Tuesday from the clubhouse, wrapped in a yellow piece of paper at the front desk.


Matthew Stutzenberger

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