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2014 Tournament Champions

2014 Tournament Champions

Jackson Park Men’s Golf Club

2014 Tournament Champions

Highest Award Recipients at All Sixteen Tournaments


Major Champions            Net                                         Gross                                    Two-Man

Club Champions               Reed Johnson                   Mark Ohrenschall            Aaron Mackey & Geoff McNeish

Spring Field Day               Mike Russell                       Baron Kofoed

Summer Field Day           Reed Johnson                   Kyle Johnson

Two-Day                              Brett Polen                         Burke Shethar

Fall Field Day                     Travis Jones                        Jason Hart


Tournament Firsts          Div 1 Net                              Div 1 Gross                         Div 2 Net              Div 2 Gross

Clyde Carslon                    Dan Puetz, Sr                     Mark Ohrenschall

Three-Club                         James Bucher                    Jeff Schoening                  Roger Brown      Dana Greeley

Almost Spring                   Jim Huckabay                     Jason Hart                           Mike Sloane       Charlie Gay

Stableford                          James Bucher                    M Stutzenberger             Chad Dias            Brett Polen

Two-Man                            Mike Mardesich & Cory Rockey

R-W-B                                   Jim Walker                          Don Harrell                         Walt Dickhoff     Mike Mardesich

6-6-6                                      Tom DeMasi & Mike Russell

Tip N Tuck                           James Bucher                    M Stutzenberger             M Mardesich     Brian Blankenship

Turkey Shoot                     Reed Johnson                   Travis Jones                        Mike Sloane       Dan Puetz, Sr


Multiple Winners                            No.         Tournaments – Gross or Net

Reed Johnson                                   3              Club Champion – Net, Summer Field Day – Net, Turkey Shoot – Net

Jason Hart                                           2              Fall Field Day – Gross, Almost Spring – Gross

Travis Jones                                        2              Fall Field Day – Net, Turkey Shoot – Gross

Mark Ohrenschall                            2              Club Champion – Gross, Clyde Carlson – Gross

Brett Polen                                         2              Two-Day – Net, Stableford – Gross

Mike Russell                                       2              Spring Field Day – Net, 6-6-6

James Bucher                                    3              Three-Club – Net, Stableford – Net, Tip N Tuck – Net

Mike Mardesich                                               3              Two-Man, R-W-B – Gross, Tip N Tuck – Net

Dan Puetz, Sr                                     2              Clyde Carlson – Net, Turkey Shoot – Gross

Mike Sloane                                       2              Almost Spring – Net, Turkey Shoot – Net

Matthew Stutzenberger                               2              Stableford – Gross, Tip N Tuck – Gross

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