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2023 Money Lists, Saturday League Champions, Top Twenties, and Year End Statistics

November 16, 2023

Saturday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday League Money Lists

Thank you to all the members and tournament players whose support and participation helped to make this a successful year for the club. In addition to our leagues’ tournaments, we co-sponsored a charity event benefiting Harvest Against Hunger, held a Junior Tournament in August, and had numerous outings including to Chambers Bay, The Home Course, Druids Glen, and Legion Memorial, as well as to Jefferson Park for a viewing of the Blue Angels.

Saturday and Match Play Money List

Tuesday Money List

Wednesday Money List

Friday Money List

2023 Money Lists Composite – a sortable composite spreadsheet for all four leagues with sortable worksheets for each league.

Disclaimer: The stroke play numbers are downloaded from Golf Genius. The match play numbers are added manually. Both sources may contain errors, especially regarding the number of tournaments played.


Saturday League Tournament Champions

Ryan Coghill repeated as Gross Stroke Play Champion. Jack Hartley is the Gross Match Play Champion. Jay Clark is the Senior Gross Stroke Play Champion. Nik Quesnell is the Senior Gross Match Play Champion. All of them qualified this year to play in the Champion of Champions Tournament at The Home Course in April 2024 and 2025.

Six players have qualified to compete for the 2024 Match Play Gross Championship. They are Mason Phalen, Ryan Coghill, Jack Hartley, Dave Foreman, Jay Clark, and Kyle Miller, who was the Saturday League top money winner. The remaining ten spots will be filled based on the Spring Field Day 2024 performances from the blue tees.

2023 Saturday League Tournament Champions

Saturday’s Most Improved

According to Golf Genius, these ten players showed the most improvement this year in the Saturday league. All except John Puetz, a Two-Man Net Champion who partnered with his father Dan Puetz Sr in 2012, played in Saturday events.

Name First Index Last Index Improvement factor
Puetz, John 13.6 8.6 1.243
Fierro, Adam 19.8 13.6 1.242
Wang, James 12.0 7.6 1.224
Coghill, Ryan 3.7 0.9 1.217
Meier, Karl 10.7 6.8 1.207
Fitzgerald, Dylan 10.6 7.1 1.183
Ohrenschall, Mark 5.3 2.8 1.169
Haughian, Connor 26.6 21.5 1.152
Fabela, Dan 18.4 14.8 1.134
Rockey, Cory 8.8 6.4 1.130


Top Twenties

These are the top money winners and participants across all the club tournaments. Those people who play more on Saturdays and Tuesdays have an advantage in money winning, because those leagues pay better than the Wednesday and Friday leagues. Still, some people playing lots of Wednesdays did quite well. Friday was new this year. It is unlikely to resume in 2024.

Dan Fabela led in “Points,” “Purse,” Total Points & Purse,” and “Tournaments Played.” Because Dan led in points, he is the “Sandbagger of the Year” for 2023. Congratulations, Dan! Clearly, playing in the most tournaments helped Dan, but so did lowering his handicap from the 18.4 to the 14.8.

Top Twenties


Tournament Stats

The club grew in 2023. Membership was up 8.3%, from 481 to 521 members. Tournament participation increased, too. The club share of payouts was kept at 2022 levels, to make sure we did not overspend given the twenty extra Friday tournaments scheduled this year. However, nine Friday tournaments were cancelled for lack of participation. The statistics for 2023 and 2022 are below. The upshot is that tourney rounds were up 17.4%, the number of payouts were up 14%, the tournament fee was up 14.8%, but the club contribution was up just .2% and the club percentage was down 9%, so that total payout was up 10.2%. This is a sustainable level of growth for the club. ~ Bold is used for 2023 numbers larger than the 2022 numbers.


2023 Statistics Saturdays & Match Play Tuesdays Wednesdays Fridays Combined
Tourney Rounds 1104 1086 997 144 3331
No. of Payouts 518 686 560 86 1850
Pct. Of Players Paid 46.92% 63.17% 56.17% 59.72% 55.54%
Tournament Fee $25,414 $18,852 $7,696 $1,440 $53,402
Club Contribution $10,507 $7,782 $2,482 $562 $21,333
Club Percentage 29.25% 29.22% 24.39% 28.07% 28.54%
Total Payout $35,921 $26,634 $10,178 $2,002 $74,735
Honey Pot $6,130 $7,320 $5,390 $830 $19,670
2022 Statistics Saturdays & Match Play Tuesdays Wednesdays Combined
Tourney Rounds 1000 949 889 2838
No. of Payouts 526 609 468 1603
Pct. Of Players Paid 52.60% 64.17% 52.64% 56.48%
Tournament Fee $23,044 $16,383 $7,112 $46,539
Club Contribution $10,387 $7,642 $3,261 $21,290
Club Percentage 31.07% 31.81% 31.44% 31.39%
Total Payout $33,431 $24,025 $10,373 $67,829






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