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Jackson Classic / Two-Day Stroke Play Championship

The Jackson Classic was originally played in September and from the blue tees. The tournament was moved to the fourth weekend in June, it became the club Gross Stroke Play Championship, and a Senior Gross Championship was added in 2019. The Gross and Senior Gross champions are eligible to play in the WA Golf Champion of Champions tournament in April at The Home Course. They are also qualified to play in our Gross Match Play Championship. Currently, the first two flights play from the blue tees, the rest from the white or gold, depending on eligibility and preference. The two Gross Stroke Play Champions must play from the blue tees.

2023      Ryan Coghill G 149;         Jay Clark Sr G 161;                          Richard Schleicher N 141

2022      Ryan Coghill G 155;         Dave Foreman Sr G 160;               Rick Nelson N 141

2021      Jack Hartley G 146;          Mark Ohrenschall Sr G 156;         Dave O’Brien N 137

2020      Jay Clark G 152;                Jay Clark Sr G 152;                        Brian Asplund N 135

2019      Ryan Gutierrez G 153;    Mark Ohrenschall Sr G 159;         Alan Phan N 136

2018      Joe Zucker G 153;                                                         Matthew Stutzenberger, Craig Verlinder N 139

2017      Daniel Lee G 151;                                                                         Dave Foreman, Reed Johnson N 133

2016      Daniel Lee G 158;                                                                         Daniel Gross N 138

2015      Sam Pauley G 150;                                                                       Kevin O’Brien N 135

2014      Burke Shethar G 149;                                                                  Brett Polen N 142

2013      Mark Ohrenschall G 145;                                                           Don Harrell N 139

2012      Jeff Schoening G 151;                                                                  Ryan Kiaaina N 135

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