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January 27 Clyde Carlson Winterfest, Annual Banquet, and Board Election

The Annual Banquet was held at Trustee Cory Rockey’s Bad Albert’s in Ballard. We enjoyed delicious food, excellent service, companionship, award presentations, a raffle, and many different games on the various TVs. Pictures are courtesy of James Bucher: Photo Album.

Walt Dickhoff concluded his five years of service as JPMGC President. During his tenure, he managed the club’s response to the Covid-19 epidemic and oversaw great growth in the club, contributing to JPMGC being the WA Golf 2020 Club of the Year. Other highlights of Walt’s tenure include club membership going from 235 in 2018 to 521 in 2023, tournament payouts going from $23,587 to $74,735, and member participation in tournaments going from 1,050 to 3,331. During Walt’s tenure, several major awards were added: in 2019, the JP Classic Senior Gross and the Match Play Senior Gross (55+), in 2022 the Match Play Legends Net (70+), and the Tuesday Cup in 2023, which Walt nearly won. His outgoing act was to name Jeff Schoening the honoree for the Fall Field Day and to name Dan Puetz Sr, the previous Fall Field Day honoree, as the new honoree for the JP Classic, which was Dan’s idea and was created during his tenure as JPMGC President. In gratitude to Walt, the Club presented him with a used bowling trophy and three used yellow balls. In further gratitude, the Club presented Walt a $100 gift certificate at Gold Mountain and a dozen yellow ProV1s with the engraving: “This lost ball belonged to former JPMGC President Walt Dickhoff.” Thank you, Walt.

The slate of candidates for office were elected by affirmation.

President         Mark Ohrenschall                   Vice President             Lee Jones

Secretary         Reid Swick                             Treasurer                     Dave Foreman

Even-Year Trustees    James Bucher, Jay Clark, Ryan Coghill, Dan Fabela, Reed Johnson, John McDermott, Cory Rockey, and Patrick Wilson

Odd-year Trustee        Walt Dickhoff

Mark Ohrenschall, our new President, has been on the Board since 2003 and served as Secretary from 2011-2019. He has won more of the club’s major tournaments (17) in the 21st Century than any other golfer. Mark is also a model for observing the rules of golf and for friendly competition.

Thanks to all the Board members and officers for their service to the club.

New Saturday league Tournament Director, Dan Fabela writes: Clyde Carlson Winterfest final results are HERE.

As you will see there were some slight changes from the preliminary results. We decided to add another gross payout tier which slightly lowered the initial results. Also, apologies to Kurt Kiehn and William Evans as the Honey Pots were not correctly set up, which required them to send some $$ back (Thank you). The positive is we added a few more Skins winners. Ok, enough of that.

Man, too bad the tournament was not scheduled for Sunday, the weather was way better. For those much braver than me, congratulations on playing in some tough conditions. Weather was not great, but there were 59 brave souls who battled the elements and completed the first tournament of 2024. This is a new participation record for the Clyde Carlson Winterfest.

Despite the course conditions, some players managed to put together a nice round. Congratulations to Kyle Miller (71) and Tim Bowen (68) the Gross and Net winners on the day, respectively.

Pace of play: Due to the harsh weather conditions and having to keep carts on the cart paths, we have decided to not enforce the pace of play rule. As you can see there were a couple of tee times that would have been penalized, but the rest made it within one of the time requirements. Good Job!

Group start time #18 total time gap at #18
1 – 9:00 8:59 13:09 4:10 NA
2 – 9:10 9:07 13:23 4:16 0:14
3 – 9:20 9:18 13:32 4:14 0:09
4 – 9:30 9:27 13:40 4:13 0:08
5 – 9:40 9:42 13:56 4:14 0:16
6 – 9:50 9:50 14:19 4:29 0:23
7 – 10:00 9:59 14:29 4:30 0:10
8 – 10:10 10:10 14:43 4:33 0:14
9 – 10:20 10:20 14:50 4:30 0:07
10 – 10:30 10:28 14:55 4:27 0:05
11 – 10:40 10:37 15:01 4:24 0:06
12 – 10:50 10:48 15:22 4:34 0:21
13 – 11:00 11:00 15:25 4:25 0:03
14 – 11:10 11:10 15:44 4:34 0:19
15 – 11:20 11:21 15:57 4:36 0:13
16 – 11:30 11:36 16:08 4:32 0:11
17 – 11:40 11:39 16:10 4:31 0:02
18 – 11:50 11:51 16:14 4:23 0:04


See you at the Feb 17 Tip N Tuck 4-Man Scramble,



Tournament Statistics

Payouts totaled $1,984. 56% of the field were in the money.

The club share was $568 and 29% of the total payout. The 59 players contributed $1,416.

43 players entered the honey pots and $430 were paid out.


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