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Saturday League “Order of Merit” and Other Year End Statistics for 2022

Saturday, Tuesday, and Wednesday Money Lists

Ryan Coghill just edged out Jack Hartley in the Order of Merit for Saturdays.

2022 Saturday and Match Play Money List – Final Results   2022 Tuesday Money List – Final Results   2022 Wednesday Money List – Final Standings

Here is a sortable composite spreadsheet for all three leagues: 2022 Money Lists Composite. Enjoy!

The points and purse numbers in the spreadsheet look right. There was some difficulty with Golf Genius not counting the February scramble for people who did not win any points or purse and with my adding the match play tournaments to the tournament count. If you notice any errors, please let me know.


Saturday League Tournament Champions

Ryan Coghill and Jack Hartley dominated in gross stroke play. Ryan won or tied all the Field Days including the JP Classic. Jack won all the regular individual stroke play tournaments and the 6-6-6 Net.

2022 Tournament Champions


Tournament Stats

2022 was another year of growth for the JPMGC. With Saturdays and Match Play having similar numbers in 2022 and 2021, it was Tuesdays and Wednesdays that really took off. Wednesday payouts were boosted by collecting an $8 player points fee.

The Player Point Fee (PPF) for Saturdays varies: $23 for Jan, Feb, and Nov, $24 the rest of the year. The Tuesday PPF was $17 except for March when it was $16. The Wednesday PPF was $8.

When dividing the total book money payouts by the number of rounds played, the Saturday payouts are on average $35.38 for every player who enters, Tuesdays pay out $25.32, Match Play pays out $25, and Wednesdays payouts are on average $11.67 for every player who enters. The Club Share for those was, respectively, 32.9%, 31.8%, 20%, and 31.6%. The club guideline is to pay about 30% for stroke play and 20% for match play.

Areas of high growth are bolded. The 2021 Statistics are included for comparison. Participation and winnings by guests are included in these numbers.

2022 Statistics Saturdays & Match Play Tuesday




Tournament Rounds 1000 949 889 2,838
No. of Payouts 526 609 468 1,603
Pct. Of Players Paid 52.60% 64.17% 52.64% 56.48%
Player Point Fee $23,044 $16,383 $7,112 $46,539
Club Contribution $10,387 $7,642 $3,261 $21,290
Club Percentage 31.07% 31.81% 31.44% 31.39%
Total Payout $33,431 $24,025 $10,373 $67,829
Honey Pot $5,930 $7,340 $4,851 $18,121
2021 Statistics Saturdays & Match Play Tuesdays Thursdays Totals
Tournament Rounds 1002 669 709 2,380
No. of Payouts 531 441 435 1,407
Pct. Of Players Paid 53.0% 65.9% 61.3% 59.1%
Player Point Fee $22,620 $10,914 $0 $33,534
Club Contribution $9,554.5 $4,212 $1,922 $15,689
Club Percentage 29.7% 27.8% 100% 31.9%
Total Payout $32,175 $15,126 $1,922 $49,223
Honey Pot $6,399 $5,990 $4,093 $16,482



Top Twenties

These are the top money winners and participants across all the club tournaments. Those people who play more on Saturdays and Tuesdays have an advantage in money winning, because those leagues pay better than the Wednesday league. But some people playing lots of Wednesdays did quite well.

For the second year in a row, Jeff Schoening led in “Points” and Total Points & Purse.”

Cory Rockey was the top “Purse” winner this year.

Dan Fabela is the first member to play in 50 tournaments in a year.

2022 Top Twenties – Final Results




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