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Tuesday League Season Recap including our Tournament Winners

I hope you had fun in the Tuesday League season this year!   We had great competition among our players, a new choice of tee sets, some new formats, and playoffs!  Additionally, some of our players had some great personal highlights.  For example, Kurt Kiehn started the season off strong with a hole in one on hole 13 on 3/28 and Dan Fabela would not be left behind when he added his own hole in one on hole 2 on 8/15.  Not quite making the traditional milestone, but inspiring nonetheless, Bruce Galvin came within one shot of shooting his age.  I’m also sure that many of our players shot personal bests out there this season!

This year, the Tuesday League held 28 daily tournaments (21 individual and 7 team events) including the traditional Tuesday 2-day Championship and the new Tuesday Cup season-long competition with three rounds of playoffs.  I’ll refer to the Tuesday Championship, and each playoff round in the Tuesday Cup collectively as the majors of the Tuesday League.

The winners of our major tournaments were:

Date Tournament Winning Gross score Gross Winner Winning Net Score Net Winner
7/11-7/18 2-day Championship, overall  +19 (159) Tim Rowe (winner in 4-way playoff over Kurt Kiehn, Doug Nugent & Steve Brady)  +1 (141) Kurt Kiehn
10/24 Tuesday Cup Final n/a n/a  -4 (66) Bob Cameron
10/17 Round 2 Playoff (Sweet 16)  +2 (65) Cory Rockey (blue)  -4 (59) Cory Rockey (blue)
10/10 Round 1 Playoff (4-club)  +2 (72) Cory Rockey (blue) E (70) Jeff Schoening

Note that I’m including the tee set in parentheses behind the player’s name if they did not use the default white tee set.  The optional blue tee set was made available to players beginning with the Stableford tournament on May 23.  Also, for those of you with photographic memories, you’ll remember that I reported the winner of the 4-club as Mark Ohrenschall (he was), but in this table I’ve only included playoff participants as the winners of the playoff tournaments.  This brings up some insightful feedback I received that we probably did not have enough head-to-head competition among the playoff participants during the playoffs.  I agree and I’m working on a solution for that and will run it by the tournament committee before making changes to the Tuesday Cup Rules for next season.

Winning rounds 1 and 2 of the playoff tournaments was very helpful in getting to the Tuesday Cup Final.  As you probably recall, 32 players entered round 1 of the playoffs, 16 players entered round 2, and 8 players entered the final.  By winning round 1 (gross) Cory went from 24th place to 13th place and by winning round 2 Cory went from 13th place to 7th place, securing his place in the Final.  By winning round 1 (net) Jeff went from 18th place to 5th place.

We held 14 traditional stroke play individual events this year.  The average winning gross score was 75.5 and the average winning net score was 67.6.  We had gross and net winners playing from all three of our tee sets.  The winners of our traditional stroke play individual tournaments are as follow:

Date Tournament Winning Gross score Gross Winner Winning Net Score Net Winner
3/28 Field Day 72 Brian Asplund 65 Brian Asplund
4/4 Field Day 76 Dave Foreman 67 Gino Nathan
4/25 Field Day 73 Jeff Schoening 67 Jeff Schoening
5/9 Field Day 73 Nik Quesnell & Justin Kim 66 Mel Wattula
6/6 Field Day 78 Nathan Gino 68 Randy Olin
6/20 Field Day – Blue tees 78 Nik Quesnell (blue) 72 Nik Quesnell (blue)
7/11 Championship, day 1 79 Tim Rowe, Kurt Kiehn, Doug Nugent,

Jeff Schoening & Steve Brady

67 Bruce Munson
7/18 Championship, day 2 74 Justin Kim 69 Dave Loy & Justin Kim
8/8 Field Day 79 Reed Johnson (gold) 68 Reed Johnson (gold)
8/22 Field Day 81 Dylan Fitzgerald (blue) & Bruce Galvin (gold) 66 Tim Bowen
9/5 Field Day 71 Karl Meier 64 Karl Meier
9/26 Field Day 73 Nik Quesnell 70 Nik Quesnell
10/3 2-for-1 Individual NET n/a n/a 69 Jeff Williams
10/24 Field Day (TU Cup Final) 75 Karl Meier 68 David Pope


We held 8 non-traditional stroke play individual events this year including the new sweet 16, the modified Stableford, and the sweet and sour tournament.  We also brought back the 4-club tournament to Tuesdays this season.  The winners of our non-traditional stroke play individual tournaments are as follow:

Date Tournament Winning Gross score Gross Winner Winning Net Score Net Winner
3/21 Eclectic (drop 6 holes)  -3 (42) Cory Rockey  -13 (32) Bruce Munson
5/2 RWB (Individual) 66 Dylan Fitzgerald 61 Dylan Fitzgerald
5/23 Stableford 27 Dylan Fitzgerald (blue) 40 Dave Loy
6/13 1-man Scramble 70 Blair Roberts & Mark Dickhoff 65 Blair Roberts & Dave Loy
8/29 Modified Stableford 35 Bruce Galvin (gold) 47 Bruce Galvin (gold)
9/19 Sweet & Sour (blue/gold) 73 Karl Meier 65 Karl Meier
9/19 Sweet & Sour (white/gold) 82 Tom Hom 65 Bob Cowan
10/10 4-club (Round 1 Playoff) 70 Mark Ohrenschall 70 Jeff Schoening
10/17 Sweet 16 (Round 2 Playoff) 2 over Cory Rockey (blue) & Mark Ohrenschall  -4 (59) Cory Rockey (blue)


We held 7 team events (all using net scoring) this year.  The average winning flight 1 score was -8 (62.0) (net) and the average winning flight 2 score was -6.7 (63.3) (net).  The winners of our team tournaments are as follow:

Date Tournament Winning F1 Net Score Flight 1 Winners Winning F2 Net Score Flight 2 Winners
4/18 2-man Scramble  -10 (60) Nathan Gino + Vance Wilson  -7 (63) Dale Croghan + Dave Loy
5/16 2-man Best Ball  -7 (63) Dylan Fitzgerald + Jay Clark  -7 (63) Tim Bowen + Steve Willaims
5/30 2-man Chapman  -6 (64) Nathan Gino + Vance Wilson  -7 (63) Dale Croghan + Dave Loy
6/27 2-man RWB Scramble  -12(58) Karl Meier + Oliver Rutz  -6 (64) Bob Cameron + David Weber
8/1 2-man 6-6-6  -7 (63) Walt Dickhoff + Mark Dickhoff  -6 (64) Bob Cameron + John Clements
8/15 2-man Chapman  -8 (62) Doug Nugent + Doug Jones  -10 (60) Steve Millet + Ed Millet
10/3 2-for-1 2-man Best Ball  -6 (64) Nathan Gino + Vance Wilson  -4 (66) Dennis Mueller + Roger Brown


Congratulations once again to all of our tournament winners this season!

Our attendance and budgetary statistics (courtesy of Jeff Schoening) are: Attendance was up 14.2% this year over last year. The number of payouts was up nearly 13%. Entry fees were up 15% but club contribution was up only 2%. The result was total payouts were up 11%. There were 28 events this year averaging 38.8 players per event (32.7 last year). There were 1,086 entries, $18,852 in entry fees, $26,634 in payouts, with the club adding $7,782, which is 29.2% of the payouts. 686 players were in the money, for a payout rate of 63%.

Finally, thanks to everyone for coming out and making this a great season!  I appreciate everyone that took the time to provide feedback as to how the league was going.  As a result of the feedback, we added the blue tee option and added some of the non-traditional formats.  If you have ideas for how to improve the league (and/or what we should leave alone), please let us know.  I look forward to seeing you all next season!



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