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666 Results and More

Results for Saturday’s 6-6-6 can be found here Weekend Registration, Tee Sheet & Results

The Weekend Money List is attached.


Year to date     Weekends &  
      Match Play Estimates  
Total Entries     401  
Total Payouts   225  
Pct. Of Players Paid   56.11%  
Player Purse Fee   $10,357  
Club Contribution   $4,438  
Club Percentage   30.00%  
Total Payout     $14,795  
Honey Pot     $3,021  


6-6-6 Tournament Statistics

62              Total Entries

38              Total Payouts

61.29%       Pct of Players Paid

$1,426        Player Purse Fee

$606           Club Contribution

32.16%       Club Percentage

$2,102       Total Payout

$480           Honey Pot

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