Final Money List for Weekend & Match Play, Top Ten Lists, and Year End Statistics

Congratulations to lead Money Winner Jay Clark. Jay is also the Club Champion by winning the Gross Match Play Championship, the Gross Stroke Play Champion (Two-Day Jackson Classic), and the Senior Gross Stroke Play Champion (Jackson Classic, again).

David Foreman took second place, $156 ahead of Tim Rowe in third place. David is also the Thursday Money Winner and the Senior Gross Match Play Champion.

The final money list is here: 2020 Money List Weekends – Final Results

Lists for Top Tens counting all 52 tournaments finds Jay Clark taking the lead in all categories. Dan Fabela was second in four of the five categories. (The Top Ten purse categories are skewed in favor of those people playing Tuesdays rather than Thursdays.) Here are the lists: 2020 TOP TENS

There was great growth in tournament participation and payouts this year. Here are the tournament statistics for 2020 and compared with those for 2019: 2020 Tournament Statistics – Final Report

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