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Tuesday Field Day, July 25 Results

For the second week in a row, Roger Brown and Mike Mardesich dominate the Tuesday tournament, this time winning Low Net (69) and Low Gross (83) of Field, respectively.

Turn out was low with only eight contestants. Even so, we had two flights with one gross and two net prizes in each, plus the $10 bonuses for Low Net and Gross of Field.

In the posted results, honey pot prizes are combined with the tournament purse.

JPMGC Field Day 07 25 Results

Next special Tuesday Morning Tournament will be on September 12th, the final Tuesday tournament of the year. Details are forthcoming.

Field Day Statistics

Total Players     8
Unique Players Paid     6
Pct. of Players Paid     75%
Player Entries Collected      $160
Club Contribution     $110
Club Percentage     40.74%
Total Payout      $270

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