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“Where the Rubber Met the Road,” new article by Dick Rovig

Dick Rovig, Honorary Member and Club Historian, provides insight into changes in golf course maintenance over the years with this article on rubber mats at Jackson Park Golf Course. Click on the link … Rubber mats at Jackson Park

9 thoughts on ““Where the Rubber Met the Road,” new article by Dick Rovig”

  1. Nice article Mr. Rovig. As one of the short timers at JP I never knew, thanks for the history lesson.
    Jimmy Bucher

  2. Dick,

    I grew up 5 blocks away from JP and in 1962 I would have been 13.
    In the summer I would be there every day from sun up to sun down playing, looking for golf balls or caddying.( caddied for Ed Cox, Erv Scott, Wayne McDaniels ) Later in my late teens I worked in the pro shop for Ed.
    I loved the rubber matts and wish they would give you an option.
    Next you might write about the old first tee being down by the putting green and how one would have to be careful for drives hitting the clubhouse.

    1. Thanks Jack for citing my dad and his good friend Erv Scott. It made my day. Do you remember the names of the starters back then? There was Otto and Patrick, but for the life of me I cannot remember their last names…

      1. Ed,

        Otto Pheiffer, John Rawlings Sr. and Bob where the starters I remember.

        Otto loved the Seattle Pilots and would always be giving us the updated scores.

        What is your father doing now?

        Jack Hardy

        1. Thank you Jack for sharing the names of the starters that you remember. Otto was a super nice man and I recall that he lived in a building near the golf cart shed with his family. Patrick, an African American, was a starter st Jackson in the early 1970’s who would give me golf swing tempo advice while my dad played cards in the men’s locker room with Stu, Tufty and Erv. I watched the Pro Shop during those times and Patrick would check in on me and my brother.

          My dad would have been 88 this September, but he passed in 1996 of a heart attack a few days short of his 63 birthday. While I don’t play golf very well, I enjoy the sport that my dad introduced me to as a boy. I have taught my kids the game, and my youngest son is a natural like his grandfather.

          Best, Ed

          1. Richard (Dick) Spiedel said he was very good at gin rummy as well. So great to hear the other memories as well thanks for sharing Ed and Jack.

  3. Thanks for article. I remember hitting off of rubber mats from time to time. And having to break a tee to get just the right length. When I was a kid in the mid 70’s they used to open up the 3rd fairway for sledding in the winter time when the grounds were covered in snow. They opened the gate so that the public could us the park-n-ride lot and walk through. The parents had a bonfire at the bottom of the hill, and many festive winter drinks were shared. Of course, this was well before they put in the pond at the bottom of the hill in the mid-90’s.

  4. I am so glad we have Dick Rovig
    to bring back great memories of J. Park in 50’s and 60’s.
    Wayne McDaniels was a helluva player. Otto Pfeiffer once threw me off the course in 1960. Great memories.
    Thanks Dick!
    Dan Puetz Sr.

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