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2022 Seattle Cup – Interbay Wins

The Seattle Cup 2022 began on August 20 with the Fourball at Jackson Park, home of the defending champions.

The home team did not lose a match, building up a 1.5 point lead over second place Jefferson Park. We struggled in the Scramble at Jefferson winning just one point, did well in the Chapman at West Seattle gaining four points, and won 6.5 at Interbay. The Cup wasn’t decided until the final few matches were over, when Interbay held onto their lead for the win. The complete results for the team daily and total scores as well as each match can be found on the link below.

Final results: Interbay – 17.5, Jackson Park – 16, West Seattle – 13.5, Jefferson Park – 13.

We used Golf Genius again this year for all scoring purposes.  The portal is:

This portal can be accessed by anyone (no sign-in required) and was a great means to follow along live as matches were being played.


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